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The attached 2020 Budget for the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District includes these important features.

• One General Government (General) and one Proprietary (Enterprise) Fund.
• Through the passage of 7A an additional 1.25 Mill increase from the previous year in Ad Valorem Revenue to the General Fund.
• A 15% reduction to specific General Fund line items to be paid by the Enterprise Fund for expenses related to the Districts Augmentation Program.
• A 0.0% increase in fees to the Augmentation Program.
• The Lake No. 4 Pipeline and Lake No. 4 Reservoir project funds show negative fund balances. This is for internal project management purposes; the difference will be paid by Unrestricted funds.
• Increased transparency on all line items for each of the funds.

The budgetary basis of accounting timing measurement method used is an accrual basis for the General Fund, and an accrual basis for the Enterprise Fund.

The proposed budget is balanced and represents a fair assessment of next year’s anticipated expenditures. The balanced budget will allow the District to continue to meet its mission of providing and promoting for the beneficial use of water within the district boundaries and facilitating for the orderly evolution of water rights.

2021 Budget