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Partner Funding Program


The St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District (“District”) exists to provide holistic, sensible, and apolitical leadership to ensure a secure water future for District constituents and the environment by developing and managing water projects, facilitating water conservation, protecting water quality, and educating the public. As a local government, the District serves its constituents within and outside of Longmont and in the areas proximate to St. Vrain and Left Hand watershed basins. District constituents voted for and the District Board of Directors adopted the Water Plan, that includes the following five objectives:

Safeguard and conserve drinking water

Protect water quality and drinking water sources

Grow local food

Store water for dry years

Maintain healthy rivers and creeks

Part of the District’s approach to implementing the Water Plan is to leverage District funds through strategic partnerships with entities seeking to apply projects, programs, or services that align with the District’s mission and values. Named the District’s Partner Funding Program, District funds may be applied more strategically and broadly across the basin to affect more immediate change. The District launched the Partner Funding Program in late 2021.

2022 Partner Projects

In 2022, the District successfully partnered with four other entities on projects to benefit water resources in the basin. They are:
Jamestown Fire Mitigation Project
Jamestown Fire Mitigation Project

Though not a Partner Funding Program project, the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District, in collaboration with the Left Hand Watershed Center, Lefthand Fire Protection District, and the Boulder Valley and Longmont Conservation Districts, is working on a fire mitigation project with the community of Jamestown. When a fire arrives, this project will provide a critical location for safe deployment of firefighters, reduce risk to the Jamestown community and surrounding areas, and decrease the likelihood of high-severity fire and its impacts to water resources and ecosystem health. This project will provide free fire mitigation to selected private and public properties. The project includes public outreach and coordination, and pre- and post-project monitoring from the forest to the creek.

The District and partners look forward to the completion of these projects in 2022 that will increase water use efficiency, information sharing, and help to increase the wildfire resiliency of forests in the upper watershed in the pursuit of protecting downstream water resources and infrastructure. After a successful first year, the District looks forward to pursuing new and ongoing partnerships in 2023 to further the District’s mission and values.

Call for Projects

Do you have a project that meets at least one of the District’s Water Plan five objectives?
  • Protect water quality and drinking water resources
  • Safeguard and conserve drinking water
  • Grow local food
  • Store water for dry years
  • Maintain healthy rivers and creeks
Is the project within District boundaries?


For more information, contact the District’s Water Resource Specialist
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