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Water Education

The following water education presentations were created by our Executive Director, Sean Cronin:

Water in Colorado

Colorado gets 20% of its surface water from rain and 80% from snow, but areas of high population density do NOT have a large amount of surface water. Learn the difference between ground water and surface water, and how our dry state manages and stores water to support its growing population.

Water Background (PDF)

Challenges and Opportunities

Colorado is a land of extremes. Statewide annual temperatures are warming and the population is growing. Learn about Colorado’s Water Plan for the future of water use and the education, outreach, innovation and funding needed to achieve the goals.

The Challanges and Opportunities (PDF)

Water Law 101

Colorado Water Law is a combination of state and federal law. Learn about how the ISF, water rights, ditch companies, and the Colorado Water Trust have taken us from “first in time, first in right” to the present.

Water Law 101 (PDF)